Today. I am Thankful

It's that time of year again, when we reflect and start making resolutions.

But first, I would like to affirm all the things that I am this year and all that there is to be thankful for. Before charging ahead with my goals for next year. Sometimes I need to stop and actually look at what is real.

First, today I am thankful that I sold this sculpture, to another survivor who understands the emotions that created it.

And, I'm thankful to no longer be experiencing those emotions with such force.

This year too, I feel confident calling myself an ARTIST, a working, professional, artist! Took awhile, considering I've been selling my art since age 12. It's just the saying it out loud that has been hard, I've been a professional for so long!

I've been selling work in a high end gallery in Newport Beach for over a year, That's huge!

An Interior designer chose my art to feature in the main room of a 10 million dollar showcase house this summer. Hundreds of people saw my Art in a month! I can't buy that kind of advertising.

This year I'm starting to make more money selling art than at my side job.

Why? How? Because, I've stuck to it for once, I quit my side career to do art, got cancer, beat it, and didn't let it knock me off my game. It may have slowed me down, but it has inspired more heart forward art than ever before.

Onwards and Upwards

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