Ringing in the New Year

Happy 2018! To start off this year, I've been re-stocking some favorites in my Etsy shop, such as these stone look mushroom bells.

I love how each one gets toasted differently in the kiln.

There's also some new bells stamped with Indian wood block stamps I've been meaning to use, along with hanging crystals I picked up at a local gem show. The gem shows are full of so many sparkly things it's hard to decide, and picture how to incorporate them into ceramic art. I decided to hang them with wire so they can work as a wind-catcher and also sparkle in the sun.

This new year I am also planning my first trip abroad. Squeeee! I'll probably want to come back and start making meditative tea bowls. Japan has such a long, beautiful history of Ceramics, I can't wait to see it in person.

For the next month, I'll be furiously making more new Jellyfish wall sculptures, and finishing up commissions too.

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